Pretty Little Liars is back after the Season 6 hiatus, stealing my precious time again. And I thought if this show is gonna ruin my evening – because let’s face it, we all wanted to quit this show a long time ago but A has us just as much under control as the liars – then at least something good should come out of this. So, here’s a new blog post with 50 thoughts I had while watching the latest episode that aired 19th January. And yes, I did steal the idea from BuzzFeed, I’m guilty!


1. *watching the recap* damn, this show is messy!

2. Oooh Emily’s punch at Sarah was something

3. Now at least it’s legit for them to dress up every day as they did in highschool. In highschool!

4. Oh who’s that new teacher? Ali’s future love interest? Her current love interest (I didn’t see any sexual tension there)? Maybe her secret stalker? Is it even a teacher? Haha who am I kidding…he’s probably A

5. Did you see the super realistic White House in the background in Spencer’s first scene? They should really learn how to use a green screen properly

6. I looove Aria’s new haircut. It’s fresh!

7. Soo, Hanna is living the rich bitch life now, way to go!

8. Haha couldn’t fool me with that baby. As if Hana was a mother already. She would eat all of its food away


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9. Emily sure as hell is still beautiful af…what a face!

10. Uhm, yeah..Charlotte/Cece is the victim now, right

11. Ooh new intro. But..did they squash the screen? The girls’ faces look long and narrow, or am I wrong?

12. Oh my, what pills is Emily popping? :O

13. Uhm..thanks for that selfie sequence. It was really important for that scene

14. Who the fuck is Liam? Aria, explain please


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15. Come on! No Haleb, no Ezria, no Spoby? This is no fun…I’ll give it 5 episodes for one of them to kiss

16. Emily’s dad is..dead? :'( Let’s face it, Emily is the real victim here

17. What are Aria and her dad talking about?! Dead and missing people in South America? It has something to do with Ezra

18. And who is Nicole?

19. And uhm…South America is not a country. Be specific, people!

20. Wow…that TV campaign for Veronica Hastings touched my soul!

21. Spencer is a lobbyist. And her mother is gonna be a State Senator. Good, we’ve established that

22. Yup, Ezria is so not over

23. Oh Toby you cute, steamy house building muscle man


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24. Yeah, Spencer how long are you gonna be in Rosewood? I know: forever and ever! You can’t escape that fucked up town!

25. Ali, you can’t ask the girls to lie for their tormentor to be loose again. Are you hearing yourself?

26. Hi Mona! You still that crazy yet lovable bitch? God, I hope so!

27. Haha yeah right…they’ve been tortured and traumatized by Charlotte for years but yeah…they feel free and fearless now. Sure thing

28. Aaah here are the horror flashbacks I’ve been waiting for

29. Yes, Aria, speak the truth! As if one could get over this crazy shit in just 5 years

30. Okay, Mona, you’re kinda right. I guess Charlotte really is kinda the victim. I wouldn’t make it a week in that Radley place. It’s turning you into A – full or part time


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31. Good job on the soundtrack! I love this episode’s songs

32. Yes, Spencer, I’ve missed their faces too! Well said

33. Yaay, they can finally drink without having to get fake IDs. Looking forward to future drunk/hangover scenes

34. A toast to Charlotte? Go home girls, you’re drunk!

35. OMG there’s a camera in the bar?! That’s got to be A!! (Yes, I really do think that the actual camera is A. I mean, it’s PLL…everything’s possible now!)

36. Aaand here’s that hangover scene, thank you

37. Oh, Charlotte is missing. Huh…I’m guessing new A has her to get some juicy insider tips out of her

38. Aaaw hell no! Is she dead? Is Charlotte dead?!

39. She’s dead!!


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40. And who the hell is that teacher?! Or is he a teacher? Did I miss something?

41. Is Emison gonna be a thing again? Do we want them to be an thing again? I really don’t know

42. Oh, Caleb! Hi!! How’ve you been, you beautiful, net pullover wearing eye candy?

43. Such a good guy…stay with Hanna, would you? She needs you

44. Jeez…is EVERYONE staying at Spencer’s barn?

45. Hey here’s a thought: What about Spaleb? It sure would be interesting. And cause an A1 bitch fight between Hannah and Spencer. I would definitely wanna see that…maybe a PLL spinoff?


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46. Uuuhm…maybe it’s not even that strange of a thought. Did you see how Spence and Caleb looked at each other? That was one second too long, if you ask me.

47. Oh gaaawd, not that Sarah person again! Her face makes me angry!

48. And…is she blind? Is she the new Jenna or something? Or is she just unable to guide herself to the church bench and the car?

49. Of course Charlotte was murdered! This is Rosewood, baby!

50. Yup, you are home, my babies. Because there is only one Rosewood and it’s lovely <3


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