I am not a religious person, at all. I don’t know the first thing about the Bible or what goes down in church every Sunday. And I really have no idea about all the religious official holidays and stuff like that. Yesterday, for example, my roommate told me that the Lenten season has begun. I gotta admit: I didn’t know what that actually meant. But before I reveal myself as a dumb or ignorant person let me get to my point.

Since I don’t celebrate or acknowledge all those important religious dates I gotta compensate that with something else, right? So, I got my own holidays and special dates throughout the year. For example, 22nd September is one of those days. What? You don’t know what day that is? Wow! I guess you’re not a Friends fan then, fine. Moving on. I also celebrate 20nd March a lot. It means that it’s the beginning of spring and I can crawl out of my winter cocoon and start live again. Also, Jennifer Anistons’ birthday, which happens to be today, is a day I kind of celebrate as well. But this actually isn’t the reason for this post. Today is so much more than just my lifelong idol’s birthday. I’ve been waiting for this day since 19th November 2015. It’s the day when all the drama, all the steaminess and some of the most diverse and awesome characters on TV come back to life. It’s the day where Thursday nights make sense again. Welcome back #TGIT aka Thank God It’s Thursday aka the days when Shondaland productions rule my TV screen and emotional state. Welcome back Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder! I really missed you Callie Torres, Quinn Perkins and Connor Walsh.


How to Get Away with Murder / ABC / giphy.com

To demonstrate how much I love #TGIT, here’s a list of things that make it so awesome.

1. We can let go of all sorts of emotions. Joy, fear, shock, surprise, anger, disbelief, thirst. We can let it aaall out.


Grey’s Anatomy / ABC / giphy.com

2. Callie Torres brings badassness into our living rooms since she’s THE rockstar with a scalpel.


Grey’s Anatomy / ABC / giphy.com

3. And don’t forget about the dancing-in-the-underware-scenes. Pure joy!


Grey’s Anatomy / ABC / giphy.com

4. We’ve got the privilege to look into Jackson Avery’s eyes of heaven.


Grey’s Anatomy / ABC / giphy.com

5. There’s ridiculous scenes coming out of nowhere.


Grey’s Anatomy / ABC / giphy.com

6. We learn so much about life and love.


Grey’s Anatomy / ABC / bloglovin.com

7. The feminist monologues are gold


Scandal / ABC

8. Quinn and Huck are team goals…in a job where your task is to creatively get rid of bodies.


Scandal / ABC / giphy.com

9. Every excuse for drinking wine on weekdays is a legit excuse.


Scandal / ABC / giphy.com

10. There’s eye sex all over Shondaland.


Scandal / ABC / giphy.com

11. Olivia Pope teaches you how important it is to know your value.


Scandal / ABC / giphy.com

12. Any scene with Viola Davis = acting heaven.


How to Get Away with Murder / ABC / giphy.com

13. She’s also every minority’s spirit animal.



14. Connor Walsh crushes all gay stereotypes.


How to Get Away with Murder / ABC / giphy.com

15. Trusting your loved ones has a whole other meaning in Shondaland.


How to Get Away with Murder / ABC / mytvexperience.wordpress.com

16. And finally, thanks to #TGIT we were introduced to the term «dancing it out» and it gave us life!


Grey’s Anatomy / ABC / giphy.com


Shondaland / ABC / giphy.com

That being said, cheers to #TGIT!

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