It’s March 8th 2016 which means it’s international women’s day, yay! What a great excuse to put the research for my Bachelor’s thesis aside and write a post about 8 of the most amazing and inspiring women I know – personally or from TV screens or books. Which is by the way something really hard considering there are countless outstanding women on this planet.

1. My Mom – My Safe Haven

I can’t even tell you how much this woman means to me (I should probably write a whole post about her, just wait for Mother’s Day). I know a lot of people will say this about their mothers but she has done everything for me and my four siblings. This woman has gone through hell and back to guarantee us a good, healthy life, without any help. She always puts our needs before hers and and too often forgets to think about herself. She’s the person I can always count on and turn to with every little, stupid problem I have. And even if she’s got her own problem she still doesn’t fail to make me feel better Here’s to all the mothers who manage to make us feel save and loved.


2. My Sisters – The Charmed Ones

I’ve got two sisters who sometimes are very much like me and sometimes not at all. We used to fight a lot like most sisters do, I guess. We didn’t always get along but we sure as hell have always loved each other with all our hearts. One thing that we always could do together without fighting was watching Charmed. Yes, the show about three sisters who also happen to be witches – the Power of Three. So I can’t help but refer to us as The Charmed Ones: Three sisters who fight with each other, who love each other and unite to fight any obstacles put in our paths.


3. My Girlfriends – The Family I Choose

Guy friends are great and I’m glad I’ve got some of those. But there’s nothing like a female relationship. The girlfriends I have are all so unique and special that they could never be replaced. They’re like the sisters I choose – except that we don’t fight as much. I can talk to them about pretty much everything without feeling the urge of hiding behind a person I’m not. We laugh our butts off, we tell us stories nobody else knows about and we can always count on each other. There’s the friend that I haven’t known that very long but it feels as if we’ve known each other our whole lives. Or the one I’ve known for almost 8 years and feels like a sister to me. And there’s the friend whose strength I admire so much and can make me feel like I can survive every crisis. I don’t have a lot of close friends but who needs many friends if you can have a few extraordinary ones?


4. Shonda Rhimes – Inspiration for Everything

I don’t know how many Facebook posts about Shonda Rhimes I’ve liked or Instagrams I posted about her but definitely a lot. I admire that woman for everything she does as a writer, a producer, a public figure and a woman. Not only is she responsible for creating my all-time favorite show (it’s Grey’s Anatomy for those of you who’ve been living under a nutshell) but she’s also the reason I haven’t given up on my admittedly crazy and pretty unrealistic dreams. Shonda Rhimes says so many inspirational things it could fill a whole art gallery with motivational posters. CUT TO: DAYDREAM: I just won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. I’m standing on the stage for my acceptance speech facing all the pretty, shiny celebrities and all I say is: “Shonda Rhimes once said to ‘ditch the dream and be a doer’, so I did. Thank you Shonda Rhimes for living on this planet and being a total badass.” A pleased Shonda Rhimes in the audience makes a you’re welcome-gesture towards me, a single tear rolls down my face and glitter falls from the ceiling. The whole crowd cheers and gives me a standing ovation. FADE OUT.

Shonda Rhimes’ powerful commencement speech at Dartmouth College

5. Kate Winslet – Beautiful, Gifted, Funny

I adore Kate Winslet with all my inner fangirl’s heart. I’ve had some discussions about her with one of my afore mentioned friends who doesn’t like her at all (why is she my friend again?) and I always get really defensive about Kate Winslet. That’s how much I admire her as an actress and a woman. In my opinion she’s the most talented actress there is (yes, there is Meryl Streep but her talent isn’t even human, so technically she doesn’t count as an actress). This woman has the power to make me sob like a little baby with solely one facial expression. I mean, who else can do that? I’ve loved her for as long as she has loved Leonardo DiCaprio and I will always treasure her presence on my TV or computer screen.

Kate Winslet is playing the Photo Booth game on The Tonight Show

6. Sophia Bush – The Perfect Woman

Sophia Bush is my definition of the perfect woman – as far as I know her from interviews and social media. Her performance as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill has blown me away and I have worshipped her ever since. If there was a person I would want to be like it would definitely be her. Sophia is talented, beautiful, kind, funny and uses her celebrity for good causes – again, as far as I know her from her Instagram feed. She’s also the person I would chose to have dinner with on the moon, in case you were wondering.

Making One Tree Hill fans’ hearts explode with her Instagram posts

7. Amy Poehler – Favorite & Funniest Feminist

Amy Poehler is hilarious by all means and feminist as fuck. I’m actually pretty new to this feminist-game so I don’t really know what makes a good feminist. But she’s gotta be it. She knows how to slip her feminism in a show like Parks and Recreation or an award show presentation or in her book Yes Please. She takes every chance to fight for equal rights or draw the attention to it without being annoying. She manages to deal with a topic so divisive by being funny and entertaining everybody. All hail Queen Poehler!

Amy Poehler & Amy Schumer presenting an award at the Golden Globes

8. Jennifer Lawrence – Encouraging Awkwardness Since 2013

Last but not least I gotta mention the probably most entertaining person in the entertainment business by just being herself. There are two kinds of people in the world: The ones that love Jennifer Lawrence and the ones that need to seek a therapist immediately. Seriously, how could you not like an actress that has clearly stayed down-to-earth and doesn’t fail to make people laugh themselves to tears by simply saying what she’s thinking and behaving as she pleases. Besides, there’s probably no one else in Hollywood that is celebrated because they’re tripping regularly on award shows and talking about pizza as if it was the Bible. Jennifer Lawrence encourages people to embrace their awkwardness and their flaws and that’s what makes her one of the most precious people in Hollywood.

One of the funniest Jennifer Lawrence interviews. You’re welcome.


Honorable Mentions

Jennifer Aniston – Being My Heroine Since My First Friends Episode


Sara Ramirez – Gorgeous Latina Fighting for the Good


Adele – Voice of a Goddess, Mouth of a Sailor


Taylor Swift – Sarcastic Popstar


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