Soo…I met the Gilmore girls in my living room recently. Yes, now. 15 years after the first episode and 8 years after the last one aired, I finally managed to watch the show everybody was talking about, well, 15 years ago. I’m in the third season now and I’m telling you, I’m in a real opinionative conflict.


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On the one side I can’t stop watching it, I don’t want to stop watching it. It’s so jolly and warm and fuzzy in Stars Hollow. The characters are really likable and the existing relationships between friends, colleagues, lovers and most of all mothers and daughters are very well written. We’ve got some unique relations here. And I gotta admit, though some of them are pretty unrealistic, I do like all the silly quirks of this little town. I mean, name me a town that gets so invested and emotionally involved in the relationship between two teenagers. Or where it is absolutely common to hold a snow man building contest, a 24-hour dance-a-thon or a cat’s friggin wake. I’m serious, name me one and I’ll probably move there someday. And what’s up with the chemistry between Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel?! It’s crazy how good they interact with each other. It’s almost as if they were mother and daughter or besties in real life. I gotta say, I generally like the cast. I had no idea Melissa McCarthy was in it, that’s so cool. And don’t forget about How to Get Away With Murder‘s Liza Weil as the mean, tense yet lovable Paris Geller. Last but not least, I’m so in love with the humor of this show. Especially Lorelai’s. This woman is my sarcasm muse, teacher and heroine!


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So, all these aspects make it impossible for me to stop watching this show. But – and here’s where the conflict is – I can’t help but criticize the actual content of the episodes. The stories, the “action” and the “drama” (yup, those quotes are intentional) kinda not really exist. Before you, loyal Gilmore Girls fans out there, want to put your hands around my neck and slowly strangle me, let me explain. First of all, this show is supposed to be a drama. Which is kinda ironic when you think about the fact that the most dramatic thing that’s happened so far (again, I’m only in the middle of the third season) is a kind of a car accident leading to Rory breaking her wrist. Her wrist, folks! I mean, I almost had a heart attack there. Almost. You see what I mean? The storylines just aren’t witty enough. They could’ve at least brought some drama in the love related stuff. Sure, there we have Rory torn between her perfect cute boyfriend Dean and bad boy Jess who makes it way too easy for the viewers to love-hate him. And how do Rory and Jess finally end up together? Dean’s aggravated jealousy leads to him ranting about it and leaving Rory in public on that 24-hour dance-a-thon. What happens next? Rory and Jess are magically together in the next episode. Gimme some good ol’ highschool teen drama here! I want tears and Rory running over to Jess after realizing she’s loved him from the moment he arrived in that town and then – bam! – they finally get their hot kiss, preferably in the rain, aaand fade out.
And another thing, Lorelai and Luke? How long is it gonna take them to finally be a couple? I hope this happens pretty soon because I can’t take it anymore. It’s obvious they’ll end up together sooner or later and they haven’t even realized yet that they want each other.
Last but not least, I gotta point out the soundtrack here. If one can call it that. I need my good, life changing music in a teen drama. Take an example of One Tree Hill or The O.C. The music is basically a main character in these shows. But in Gilmore Girls we barely got a good song (I can’t even name one up until this point) but instead some woman’s ‘lalala’ to some guitar tunes in the background. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against ‘lalala’ background music. The early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, for example, got some of those songs that work just fine. But this? This rather sounds like a woman singing to herself while sowing the pants of her son which is taking a guitar lesson next door. Just saying, I hope the soundtrack will improve in the next few seasons.


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Now, you see my conflict? I can’t decide on what to tell my future kids about this show when I’ll use it to give them some life lessons. You see, I’ve already decided to educate my kids with help from all sorts of TV shows. And I will definitely use Gilmore Girls to teach my kids how to treat your mother or how to find pleasure in the little, silly things. Or when they’re sad and think that everything in life and in the world they’re living in is bad, I’ll happily allow them to binge watch Gilmore Girls – even if it’s past bed time. And…you know what? I think I just made up my mind on this whole dilemma. I like Gilmore Girls, I even like it pretty much. The show does have its flaws but after all it’s a heartfelt show with very cool characters, silly but funny storylines set in a small town I wish I would’ve grown up in as a kid. Sometimes we need a lighthearted drama series to escape to from time to time to feel better. I’m still worried about the soundtrack, though. But I guess maybe I could wrap my head around the idea of the background ‘lalala’.

Phew! I’m really glad I’ve solved this problem so quickly. Do you know what it feels like to watch a show not knowing if you like it or not? It’s now fun, I’m telling ya! But now that I’ve figured that out I can go back to my friend Netflix.

So, here’s to Gilmore Girls, a show I will probably fall in love with eventually and teach my future kids about!


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