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May 15th 2016 in Netflix Diary by

Thank You Faking It – A Eulogy for an MTV Show

Life as a TV show addict is tough. You have to deal with many losses. The loss of a beloved character (Grey’s Anatomy and Game of Thrones fans know what I’m talking about) or the loss of the original greatness of a show. Or – the worst of all – the loss of a whole TV show. It happens to the best of them which is why I still can’t believe that they cancelled the only MTV show I ever truly cared about.

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February 28th 2016 in Netflix Diary by

Left in Awe

Do you know the feeling of watching a really good film and as soon as the closing credits appear on screen you’re left in total awe? You just sit there for a while and need some time to digest everything you just saw in the last 90 minutes. And you usually can’t stop thinking about it for days.

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February 25th 2016 in Netflix Diary by

Movie Review: Carol (2015)

It’s awards season aka one of my favorite seasons of the year. I find it exciting to learn about the nominees and speculating with my friends over who’s going to win. It’s also the season where I watch a lot of movies in a very short amount of time in order to take part in the heated conversations on Oscar night. And in this movie-watching-mess it can happen that I forget about movies. (Sorry, Bridge of Spies, I totally forgot you were even nominated for an Oscar). But it’s also possible that, if the movie is really, really good, I can’t stop thinking about it for days.

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February 11th 2016 in Netflix Diary by

#TGIT Is Back!

I am not a religious person, at all. I don’t know the first thing about the Bible or what goes down in church every Sunday. And I really have no idea about all the religious official holidays and stuff like that. Yesterday, for example, my roommate told me that the Lenten season has begun. I gotta admit: I didn’t know what that actually meant. But before I reveal myself as a dumb or ignorant person let me get to my point.

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January 13th 2016 in Netflix Diary by

50 Thoughts I had during the “Pretty Little Liars” Season 6B Premiere

Pretty Little Liars is back after the Season 6 hiatus, stealing my precious time again. And I thought if this show is gonna ruin my evening – because let’s face it, we all wanted to quit this show a long time ago but A has us just as much under control as the liars – then at least something good should come out of this. So, here’s a new blog post with 50 thoughts I had while watching the latest episode that aired 19th January. And yes, I did steal the idea from BuzzFeed, I’m guilty!

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January 5th 2016 in Netflix Diary by

Living Room Sessions With The Gilmores

Soo…I met the Gilmore girls in my living room recently. Yes, now. 15 years after the first episode and 8 years after the last one aired, I finally managed to watch the show everybody was talking about, well, 15 years ago. I’m in the third season now and I’m telling you, I’m in a real opinionative conflict.

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