Give me any problem...

...and I'll treat you with a creative solution!

My name is actually Chanel Mülhaupt and I am a Multimedia Producer based in Switzerland.

I'm a solution-focused personality with a passion for stories, film, music and foreign places. The measuring unit of my choice are pixels, 90% of my conversations consist of TV show quotes and song lyrics and my favorite stories are the ones I hear in the streets of the places I visit all over the world. My MacBook and my notepad are my loyal companions and the tools for my creativity.

In my studies I have learnt to produce in several segments of the multimedia world such as film production, visualizing, photography, copy writing, programming and more. Although I am an allrounder and I like working in many different media fields, my heart lies in the art of writing, film production and storytelling. I am convinced that there is a great story around every corner of the real, fictional or business world. And thank goodness we live in a modern world where we have the resources and ability to tell those stories through moving or static images, audio and words. So, folks, let's get to work and tell some great stories!